Friday, August 6, 2010



Shea Stadium
20 Meadow St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11206

THE BEETS (playing the beatles)

The Beets from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

SLASHER RISK (playing motown)

TERROR PIGEON (playing doo wop)

I love you! I love you! I love you and I'm in love with you! from theterrorpigeon on Vimeo.

"OK Prom. Starting with the beginning of Rock and Roll and ending with the dawn of the 70s OK Prom features a diverse team of local musicians, artists and DJs working together to create a night of bitter sweetness and innocent intoxicated partying starting right before dusk and ending right after sun-up in a loft that is at the heart of Brooklyn’s DIY music & arts scene. A night in two parts, it is sure to be the best time of the summer, or at least not the worst, although I suppose that isn’t entirely out of the question either.

The night begins with experimental punk band Donner Party Picnic who will be lassoing in all the influences present in their eclectic songs to perform their set rearranged as a rockabilly band. Following is the one to twenty person band, the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, performing their iPod driven songs as a doo-wop dance party all the way from California, but how exactly they do so will be left a secret. Leading the show from the psychedelic euphoria of friendship into the psychedelic experience of all omnipresent sound, noise practitioners Slasher Risk will be covering songs from their favorite musical era, Motown Records in the 60s and early 70s. Headlining is Brooklyn’s most popular band from Queens, the Beets, performing the early songs of their biggest influence, the Beatles, in the Beets perfected falling apart inside a box sound.

Once the Beets end their set it will be midnight and time to crown Prom King & Queen in the only logical way: conducting a couples dance contest. Couples will dance in teams while slowly being eliminated by a panel of judges seeking through the crowd and tapping participants on the shoulder, signaling their elimination. After a Prom King & Queen is determined they will share a solo dance, which will bring to an end to the first half of the night.

Those who purchase tickets to the first portion of the night will be welcome to stay for the second half for free, and those who didn’t purchase tickets in advance for the first half will be able to enter based on capacity for a five dollar cover price. Starting off the party is New York musical stalwart Jason Trachtenburg’s new band the Pendulum Swings performing their modern indie, lounge and free jazz music. After the Pendulum Swings the night will turn a dance party of Motown, soul, funk and R&B lead by DJs Mister Wright and Kamui playing off their music straight off of vinyl 45s.

The bar will be stocked all night, not just with standard bottles, cans and liquor, but also with bottle service champagne poured directly into the mouth, and punch—either straight or spiked. A side bar put together by Sonya Belakhlef will be selling baked goods so sweet and gluttonous they explore the absurd. Showpaper will be giving away free paper wrist corsages recycled from old issues. There will be outdoor couple portraiture by Christine Rucker with professional prints available to order. Finally, documenting the entire night for you to live over or lament at your convenience will be Internet-famous videographer, Ray Concepcion.

All-ages to enter but 21+ to drink. All people arriving for the first half of the night must come dressed up and with a date. Doors are at 8pm. Dance party starts at 12:30am. No BYOB. No street clothes. No going stag. No autotune.

Tickets to the show are limited to 200 and are sold in pairs! Only 100 pairs are made available for $20 a pair"

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