Thursday, November 4, 2010

NY Press: Shea Stadium "Best Place to See New Bands"

Best Place to See New Bands: Shea Stadium

20 Meadow St., betw. Waterbury & Bogart Sts., Brooklyn, no phone

"If you have to see new bands (and you do, let’s face it), there’s nowhere better to see them than the confusingly named Shea Stadium. First of all, there’s that delicious moment every time someone tells you that they’ve just been to a show there and you’re honestly confused, picturing a baseball stadium. This is half the fun! Suddenly, unbidden, your mind tries to juxtapose Dinosaur Feathers with cracking bats and stinky peanuts. This only lasts a second, because you know Shea Stadium is a venue. It’s a nice venue, actually, with a bar, kind of, lots of space and that cool roof that sort of feels like you shouldn’t be on it! Couple this with the crowd (younger but not prettier than you) and you’ve got a damn fine place to catch next month’s hot new thing today."


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