Friday, November 19, 2010

Shea on Flavorpill's "The 10 Greatest New Music Venues of the 21st Century"

The 10 Greatest New Music Venues of the 21st Century

"Choosing a single favorite DIY venue in Brooklyn is sort of like Sophie’s Choice – if Sophie had like 50 kids but could still only save one. And with Market Hotel apparently still bogged down in legal nonsense, the tiny Shea Stadium is our pick. The place run by a great local band, The So So Glos — which means it’s plugged in to great, new acts — along with producer Adam Reisch, who records and mixes all shows so performers will have great-sounding live material. Shea also boasts a pretty nice concrete balcony — a great place to cool off between sweaty sets."


  1. Elated to know about the venues. Planning to have a painting exhibition at one of the artistic event venues soon. Looking for some outdoor spaces as our collection will appear better in greenery and nature. Also looking for some baked snack providers along with simple cocktails.