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Friday August 5th - Mutual Dreaming w/ BLues Control, Steve Summers, Professor Genius ||| DJS Beppe Loda, Tropical Jeremy, Jan Woo Midelfort ||| visuals by Aurora Halal

Shea Stadium
20 Meadow St
Brooklyn, NY, 11206

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"MUTUAL DREAMING: When Two or More People Dream the Same Dream"

This is part 4 of a conceptual all night dance party - lit dreamily by projectors & candles. Shea is an awesome DIY loft space near the Grand St. L train, with a great soundsystem, an outdoor balcony & a bar. All the bands use synthesizers and drum machines.
Come dance!!

Blues Control (RVNG/ Siltbreeze/ Woodsist)
Professor Genius (Italians Do It Better)
Terekke (L.I.E.S.)

Beppe Loda
Jan Woo
Tropical Jeremy (Zoovox)

Aurora Halal

--- Beppe Loda ---
We are very exited to have Italian DJ legend Beppe Loda as the headliner for this night! Beppe is famous for introducing a futuristic new mixing style in the early 80s, playing obscure disco, minimal synth & industrial, and funky 'Afro' music in an extremely psychedelic fashion - changing tempos, adding sound effects, all while making people dance like crazy. His residencies at clubs Typhoon and Cosmic marked the height of the Italo-disco era, and he hasn't stopped blowing minds since. Prepare for a journey.
There's a great description and interview here :

--- Blues Control ---
Blues Control is an experimental rock duo (Russ Waterhouse & Lea Cho) from Queens who now live near Philadephia. Their sound is acid drenched, fuzzy, riffy, sometimes minimal and tinged with New Age. The band has put out 3 albums and are currently collaborating with Laraaji (who's 'Day of Radiance' album was produced by Brian Eno in 1980) on a full length slated for release by RVNG Intl. This will be their long awaited return to NYC for their first show in a while!!

--- Professor Genius ---
Debut performance by NJ resident Jorge Velez AKA Professor Genius. His music is classic analog - soaring leads, catchy rhythms and Italo-esque melodies. He has put out many records for Italians Do It Better, and has an upcoming release on L.I.E.S., and remixes for Led Er Est & Steve Moore.

--- Terekke ---
Terekke is the new artist on Ron Morelli's label L.I.E.S. that everyone is talking about. Using SH101, 707 and druggy filters, all recorded live to cassette tape, his music has a deep, hazy, haunted Newworldaquarium-esque vibe. Straight from Bushwick.

--- Jan Woo ---
Warming up the night and taking over at 3am is Jan Woo, who is more influenced by by the 'afro/cosmic' technique than any other DJ I know. Boogie/funk/disco/techno dancey insanity.

--- Tropical Jeremy ---
Jeremy is a close friend of Beppe's and a much loved New York DJ with an italo/boogie specialty. His recording project Zoovox (with Ben Gebhardt) recently performed a Linn-drum injected DJ set at a PS1 Summer Warm Up Event.

Set times:
9: Terekke
10: Professor Genius
11: Blues Control
12-3AM: DJ Beppe Loda
Tropical Jeremy and Jan Woo between bands and until 4AM.

*** $8 BEFORE 10:30PM, $10 AFTER! ***
Come early to see the bands!
Free glowsticks at the door.

The parties sometimes sell out - get presale tickets here:

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