Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/14 - Dan Friel, Controlled Bleeding, Output:Noise - A Soundtrack to the DSM-IV, & Diamond Terrifier

January 14th - Dan Friel, Controlled Bleeding, Output:Noise - A Soundtrack to the DSM-IV, & Diamond Terrifier

Shea Stadium
20 Meadow St
Brooklyn, NY, 11206

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Dan Friel
(Listen in the Live at Shea Stadium Archives)

==| DAN FRIEL @ MONSTER ISLAND |== from grossymmetric on Vimeo.

Controlled Bleeding

Output:Noise - A Soundtrack to the DSM-IV
Output:NOISE will perform improvised interpretations of mental illnesses in support of the recently released Soundtrack to the DSM-IV. Collaborating on this second edition of the DSM-IV are O:N artists, Torus and Crushing Something, with Output:NOISE contributor, CJ Boyd ( and special guests, Valerie Kuehne and David Grollman of the Brooklyn based Prehistoric Horse (

Diamond Terrifier


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